Differences Between Threads and Twitter

Exploring the Differences Between Threads and Twitter: A Viable Alternative?

Differences Between Threads and Twitter


Are you tired of the dominance of Elon Musk on Twitter? If you're seeking a more productive and positive social media experience, Threads might just be the answer. Developed by Meta, the company behind Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, Threads offers a fresh alternative to Twitter with its focus on concise, meaningful content. In this article, we'll delve into the disparities between Threads and Twitter, highlighting the unique features of Threads and its potential as a viable alternative.

Threads: Back to Basics

Unlike the flashy virtual reality spectacles and avatars of the Metaverse, Threads brings us back to basics. With a familiar social media feed on your smartphone, Threads eliminates the gimmicks and emphasizes good old-fashioned words. According to Connor Hayes, Meta's VP of Product, public figures and creators are demanding something new, a more productive and positive online environment.

The Need for Alternatives

With recent technical issues, changes to verification policies, and controversies over content moderation, Twitter has left a void that competitors are eager to fill. Names like Mastodon, Bluesky, and Spill have emerged, and now Threads enters the arena. The question arises: Can Threads surpass its counterparts and dethrone Twitter? Let's explore these questions and provide initial impressions of Threads based on a day of usage.

Threads Features and Overview

Using Threads is effortless, thanks to its resemblance to Twitter's interface. Simply download the app on your iOS or Android device, log in with your Instagram account, and complete your Threads profile. You can choose to follow the same people you follow on Instagram or curate a new list. The Home tab displays your feed, and creating a new thread is as simple as tapping the paper and pen icon. You can attach photos or videos using the paper clip icon and make mentions and reposts using the "@" symbol.

Unique Features of Threads

1. Instagram Integration: Threads is closely tied to your Instagram account, making it easy to connect with friends and others you follow on Instagram. Blocked accounts on Instagram remain blocked on Threads, and you can share Threads content to your Instagram Stories.

2. Decentralized Support: Threads will be compatible with ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol used by platforms like Mastodon. This approach allows account hosting, including followers, to be distributed across independent servers, granting users more freedom to migrate their followers and data. It also enables the viewing of posts from other networks supporting the protocol.

3. No Rate Limit: Unlike Twitter, Threads does not impose any restrictions on the number of posts you can read or create, regardless of your account verification status.

Areas Where Threads is Catching Up

While Threads shares similarities with Twitter, it is still catching up in certain aspects. Some features you might expect on Threads but are currently absent include:

1. Follower Feed Customization: Threads currently offers one main algorithmic feed that combines posts from accounts you follow with popular content. It lacks the option to view a feed exclusively from accounts you follow or a chronological feed.

2. Edit Button: Once posted, you cannot edit your threads on Threads.

3. Character Count Indicator: Threads does not provide a visual indicator to show when you approach the 500-character limit for posts.

4. Limited Search Functionality: While you can search for accounts, there is no support for searching within post content or using hashtags.

5. Direct Messaging: Threads does not offer private messaging capabilities. For direct messages, you'll need to return to Instagram.

6. Absence of Ads: Currently, Threads does not display ads. However, ads may be introduced in the future.

Prominent Users and Privacy Concerns

Threads has already attracted prominent individuals and companies to its platform. Celebrities like Shakira, Nick and Joe Jonas, Zooey Deschanel, and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as brands like Netflix and American Airlines, have joined. However, privacy concerns arise, as Threads collects a significant amount of data, similar to Facebook and Instagram. It's important to be aware of the data collection practices associated with using Threads.


Threads appears to be the closest contender to Twitter, offering a refreshing alternative to its Elon Musk-infused environment. With its simplicity, focus on meaningful content, and potential integration with ActivityPub, Threads has the potential to appeal to users seeking a more positive and productive social media experience. While it still needs to catch up in certain features, if you're looking to explore a different social media platform and already have an Instagram account, Threads might be worth a try. Only time will tell if Threads can achieve massive success and effectively challenge Twitter's dominance in the dynamic realm of social media.

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