What Is Explurger App? 

What Is Explurger App? 

What Is Explurger App?

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In today's article, we will know what is the Explurger App? How does it work, who is its founder, and what are its main features? Stay with us till the end to know the full details of when this app was launched.

Explurger App is a Made In India social media app, built on the basis of Artificial Intelligence which also allows you to check-in. In addition to sharing photos and videos, it counts the exact miles, cities, countries and continents you've traveled. Features include adding places to your bucket list, creating a comprehensive itinerary, sharing future travel plans, etc. Explurger is redefining the way we socialize.

Explurger APP Review & Features

Come, let's know about the main features of the Explurger app. :-

What Is Explurger App?

Bucket List

Whenever you visit a place or taste a drink or visit a new pub, just add it to your bucket list. Even if you forget about it after making the list, you won't be in any trouble. Actually, whenever you're near that location it will pop up a reminder and even help you with directions.

Complete travelogue

Check-ins are temporary, but explicable-ins are permanent. Every time you create a post on Explurger, artificial intelligence updates your personal travel history, where it saves every mile, city, country, pub, etc.


Apart from sharing your post on the Explorer wall, you can also spread the post on other social media platforms.

Future travel plans

Next time you want to tell the world about your travel plans, you can post it even before you travel. All you have to do is select a destination, enter a future date of travel and tap on 'Spread'. A 'live countdown timer' keeps you updated.

Explurger level

To make the journey easier for the first time, you can now increase your explorer level. How? You can level up with every mile you travel, the city you visit, after you've spread your post or the kudos you've accumulated.


Spread the joy and express your enthusiasm by giving 1 to 3 kudos on each post.

Who is the founder of explurger app? 

Founder of Explurger App Mr. Jitin Bhatia. Who have made this app successful among the people with a lot of hard work and today it is becoming popular across the country.

Explurger App Sart-up 

Explurger has raised $1 million from a group of investors. The capital raised by the start-ups, which were bootstrapped till now, will help in growing the team, increasing product features and user acquisition.

The current funding round, led by Ruchirans Jaipuria (Managing Director, Jaipuria Group), has also seen participation from Lavkesh Arora (Founder and CEO, Phithos Technologies), Piyush Jain and other angel investors, according to an official stat.

When was the Explorer App launched?

Explurger, this app was launched during the pandemic. Launched on India's 74th Independence Day 2020, the new-age social media app, Explurger has seen over 60,000 downloads across iOS and Android smartphones within the first week. And since then several thousand people are joining it every day.

Users of the Explurger app are in more than 40 countries. It is the first AI-enabled social media app that uses the thrill of gamification and travelogue to engage its users.

It is also the first app in the category to reward its users for being socially active on the platform. The app allows users to claim deals and discounts on over 30 popular brands like Tata Sky, Hamleys, Lifestyle, Lenovo and Ferns n Petals.

Some other information related to Explurger App

Registered in Delhi, Explurger is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and aims to create a secure platform for all its users.

On the successful launch of the app, Jitin Bhatia, Founder of Explurger says, “Explurger is our gift from India to the world. This is a proof of the IT power of India. I hope this will make our country one of the top app making countries in the world. I am grateful to those who have accepted explurger. And I request everyone to download and spread it, so that the world can connect with the explorer."


In today's article, we learned what is the explorer app? Who is its founder? We have made you aware about its main features. Hope you like the information given by us. If you want any more information like this, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment box.

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